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What is Wifi Marketing?

Wifi Marketing is communicating with customers directly through their use of a businesses free or guest WiFi. It’s just one of the many ways that businesses are embracing the digital world — and creating a multichannel experience for their clients in the process.




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Wifi Marketing services include

  • Data Capture

    We give you the ability to choose the data and methods you allow your customers to connect. Name, Mobile, Email or Social profile we can get it all.

  • Branding

    Your brand is your business. Customers trust your brand. The wifi guest portal can be customized to fit your brand and needs.

  • Social Media Integration

    Have your customers check-in on Facebook when they use your Free Wifi. This will build an audience and grow a following.

  • Wireless Security

    The most important thing about wireless is security. We keep your guest and private networks secure and safe from vulnerabilities, hacks and attacks.

  • Remarketing

    The relationship doesn’t end when they leave your business. You can continue to contact your customers even after they’ve left.

  • Customer Profiles

    All of the gathered data through Wifi Marketing is store in profiles for each client or customer that connects to your wifi.


Our Wifi Marketing provides a unique range of benefits

For The Customer

For The Business

  • Convenience

    Shoppers have access to a potentially faster network than their cell phone service provider’s, and they can also save on data usage. This allows customers to quickly share their location and upload photos of your business to social media.

  • Improved experience

    Almost 62% of businesses that provide free WiFi report that their customers stay longer. This could indicate that shoppers are enjoying their in-store experiences more, and therefore willing to spend more time with your brand.

  • Increased sales

    The main goal for most retailers — driving sales — receives a boost when you engage in WiFi marketing. A Devicescape survey found that half of businesses report that customers spend more money now that they have WiFi.

  • Understand your customers

    WiFi marketing grants you access to a wealth of data and knowledge about shoppers. You can use these insights to understand your business, the in-store experience, and what makes your customers tick.

  • Build an audience

    Whether you’re collecting email address or social profiles, these customers are becoming a list of interested individuals to whom you can market. You’ll have more information to create a richer customer profile that you can leverage for more targeted ads and promotions.

  • Promote a service or product

    There are a number of ways retailers can use WiFi marketing to promote their brand. This can start with a message on your splash page, through re-targeted ads and email campaigns. Here’s another great use of WiFi marketing with Facebook.

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